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Dec 8, 2012 6:00pm EST
, soviet documents, documents of the former soviet union have become available to researchers. the soviets played a pivotal war in the 1967 war. they precipitated the crisis. i was able to go to moscow and access some of these documents. there's been a new opening in two of the three major arab participants in the war. in jordan and in egypt, there's a tremendous wave of publications about the war, phepl oeurs, studies, even the release of certain documents which is rare in the arab world about 1967. the only place this has not occurred is in syria. in syria, officially the war never occurred. there is not one single official book -- and all books in syria are official -- about the 1967 war. how the average syria believes israel came into possession of the golan heights is a mystery to me. >> you were born where? >> i was born in the tiny town in upstate new york but raised in new jersey. >> when did you first go to israel? >> i first went when i was 15. i went to work on a farm. i worked in alfalfa, i worked in the cows, i became a cowboy. i was a lousy farmer. i went and studied history.
Dec 1, 2012 6:00pm EST
? >> guest: only 36. he had been the union's youngest general at the age of 23. in any case, no one could understand how he and all of the men with him five companies of cavalry had been wiped out by people that they regarded as primitive savages. at the time, people were no longer thinking about indians as important enemies of the united states. they felt, and they were historically right, of course, that the struggle for possession of the continent had long been settled, and this was just a kind mopping up operation. no one had the slightest expectation that custer and his force would be wiped out or defeated, for that matter. c-span: how many men did he have that were killed that day? >> guest: the total killed was 265, certainly a very small number when you think of civil war battles. just one of the points that i make in the book how astounding it is that this battle has lived on in our national consciousness when relatively few people were involved in it. c-span: what time of day did the battle occur? >> guest: probably in the early afternoon. it's rather hard to get a definite fix
Dec 29, 2012 6:00pm EST
mutual cooperation with the soviet union and peace, but that means that that system has to fall apart, because it's--it's squashes freedom of every sort internally and it's illegitimate as a result. if we make it clear to the american people we agree with what we th--what i think is their preference to end the cold war from the strategy that we have to implement to make that happen, which is peace time rearmament. if we make it clear as leaders that we're doing one thing to achieve the other, i think they'll support it. it can't happen through detente.' when you look at the writing, the scholarly writing at that time and you look at the influence of kissinger and others who were much more on the side of detente, reagan just seems to be a really clear, dissident thinker about grant's strategy in international relations. and so i could definitely support him on that, as well. c-span: this is not your section. it's domestic and economic policy and it's september 21st, 1976. but i--i wanted just to read out loud what he said, and i wonder whether you could do this today he said... >> gues
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3